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Hammell & Murphy, P.L.L.P. is a community oriented practice comprised of Joseph Hammell, Timothy Murphy, Jed Hammell and Michael Murphy.  The firm also consists of experienced and client-friendly staff with an extensive legal background.  Joseph and Timothy have been in practice together since 1975, with their sons, Jed and Michael, joining the firm in 2003 and 2005, respectively.  A client-first approach, coupled with a vast array of knowledge and experience, Hammell & Murphy, P.L.L.P. is able to assist with all of your legal needs.


Personal Injury

Estate Planning

Real Estate

Civil Litigation

Family Law

Corporate Law

Commercial Law


Tax Preparation

Jed, Joseph (Joe), Michael (Mike) and Timothy (Tim)

Personal Injury  |  Estate Planning  |  Real Estate  |  Civil Litigation  |  Family Law

Corporate Law  |  Commercial Law  |  Probate  |  Tax Preparation

Like Father, Like Son has double meaning for Caledonia Law Firm

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